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Piaget Unveils the Polo 79 for its 150th Anniversary

The Return of Elegance: Piaget Unveils the Polo 79 for its 150th Anniversary

Piaget, the distinguished Swiss watchmaker, has made waves in the horology world with the surprise re-release of its iconic timepiece, the Polo, as part of its 150th-anniversary celebration. Originally introduced in 1979 and now reincarnated as the Polo 79, this legendary watch once adorned the wrists of luminaries such as Miles Davis, Andy Warhol, and Björn Borg.

Polo 79

Maintaining its status as a timeless icon, the Polo captures the essence of its predecessor while infusing a contemporary touch. Alain Borgeaud, Piaget’s director of patrimony, describes it as a “timeless jewel” and emphasizes the delicate balance of preserving the charm of the original while ensuring it stays relevant.

The Polo 79, fashioned in solid gold with alternating gadroons, exudes opulence and remains a symbol of unisex luxury. Benjamin Comar, Piaget’s CEO, emphasizes the watch as a piece of jewelry that tells time—a sentiment echoed by Yves Piaget himself, who once declared, “It’s a bracelet watch, not a watch bracelet.”

Polo 79

In a nod to evolving tastes, the Polo 79 signifies a departure from the dominance of all-steel sports watches. Piaget, as a brand, has been at the forefront of this shift, capturing the imagination of collectors like Gai Gohari, who lauds Piaget’s vintage pieces for their “texture, color, and shape.”

The New Polo, however, comes with updates. The once famously thin quartz movement has been replaced by a svelte automatic one. The case, larger at 38 millimeters, adds a contemporary flair, appealing to mainstream watch buyers. While some may yearn for the original’s smaller size, Piaget’s decision aligns with the contemporary trend of bolder, more substantial timepieces.

The Polo 79 stands as a testament to Piaget’s departure from the era of steel sports watches. Its extravagance, though bold, marks a shift towards individualistic tastes. As the steel sport watch’s reign wanes, Piaget’s Polo 79 emerges as a champion of unique perspectives, appealing to collectors seeking freshness and daring designs. In a world hungry for more “jewelry which gives time,” the Polo 79 shines as a symbol of timeless elegance and modern sophistication.

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