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Panthère de Cartier women watch collection epitomizes luxury and refinement

Today, we’ll introduce you to one of the most iconic, important and stylish watches made for women: the Panthère de Cartier. A watch that doubles as a piece of jewelry, it is one of the most distinctive Cartier designs. Adorned in gold, diamonds, and exquisite gemstones, it is a staple for a woman who never goes unnoticed. Magnetic, wild, feline, and free.

The success of the Panthère was manifested by its popularity amongst celebrities: if they were wearing it, you wanted to have it, too. The Cartier timepiece became somewhat of a cult item, a status symbol synonymous with luxury and glamour. Many celebrities were – and still are – owners of this iconic model. It was worn by the likes of pop stars such as Madonna during her relationship with Carlos Leon, and famous actresses like Gwyneth Paltrow, the latter of whom could be frequently spotted with a yellow gold Panthère on her wrist.

After a brief production hiatus beginning in 2004, the Panthère had a Rennaissance in 2017.

They say “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, and this was the exact logic that Cartier applied: given the success that it had in the 1980s, the French maison made very few and subtle modifications. The main variation was the size: now, the Panthère only comes in two of them; 22mm or 27mm, a change indicating that this watch was exclusively made for women.

The case is complete with a screw-down bezel, a common trait for the Cartier lines like the famous Santos de Cartier. A timeless sapphire-cut Cartier Cabochon finishes the crown, protected by curvaceous crown guards. The bracelet is the same beloved Panthère mesh from back in the day, with the same soft feeling as if it were a haute-jewellery bracelet. A final touch to the piece is visible at 10 o’clock: a very subtle and tasteful insertion of the name of the brand in the “X” numeral.


The Parisian house released three versions: gold, steel, or a mix of both.

The Panthère is undoubtedly a piece that belongs in the horological hall of fame. Although it may house a quartz movement, it is a unique model, rich with history and charm for enthusiasts. When you really look at it, the Panthère de Cartier is an unprecedented and irreplicable crossroad where female horology meets the world of jewellery.

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