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The first MB&F Legacy Machine inspired by women

The unveiling of the MB&F Legacy Machine FlyingT marked a significant milestone in the journey of MB&F, showcasing the brand’s commitment to innovation and creativity. This groundbreaking timepiece, introduced in 2019, is the first of MB&F’s three-dimensional horological art pieces inspired by women, embodying elegance, vitality, and refined craftsmanship.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Legacy Machine FlyingT features a round case in gold or platinum, adorned with a steeply cambered bezel and slender, elongated lugs, often embellished with diamonds. A strikingly convex dome of sapphire crystal rises majestically from the bezel, offering a captivating glimpse into the heart of the timepiece.

Beneath the dome, a subtly curved dial plate, available in various finishes including liquid black lacquer, guilloché, and vibrant gemstones, exudes sophistication and charm. An asymmetric ventricular opening frames the centerpiece of the watch – a cinematic flying tourbillon that beats at a serene rate of 2.5Hz (18,000vph). This mesmerizing tourbillon, positioned prominently above the dial, is accompanied by a single large diamond affixed to its top, emitting a fiery brilliance that captivates the senses.

At the 7 o’clock position, a dial of black or white lacquer, or gemstone, displays the hours and minutes with a pair of elegant serpentine hands. The dial is inclined at a 50° tilt, allowing the time to be read discreetly by the wearer, adding an element of intimacy to the timekeeping experience.

On the reverse side, the automatic winding rotor takes the form of a three-dimensional red-gold sun with sculpted rays, providing the Legacy Machine FlyingT with a generous four days of power reserve.

MB&F Legacy

The design of the Legacy Machine FlyingT draws inspiration from the feminine and maternal influences in Maximilian Büsser’s life, reflecting the personality and qualities of the women who have shaped his journey. The column-like structure of the flying tourbillon symbolizes the strength and support provided by women, while the sun-shaped rotor represents life-giving energy and vitality.

Since its introduction, the Legacy Machine FlyingT has evolved to include a range of editions, each offering a unique interpretation of feminine elegance. From diamond-set editions in white gold to limited editions in red gold and platinum, and special gemstone dials in lapis lazuli, malachite, tiger eye, and onyx, the FlyingT collection continues to captivate discerning collectors and enthusiasts alike.

MB&F Legacy

Legacy Machine FlyingT is a testament to MB&F’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of horological innovation while paying homage to women’s timeless elegance and grace. With its exquisite design, impeccable craftsmanship, and profound symbolism, the FlyingT transcends the realm of mere timekeeping to become a true work of art, cherished by generations to come.

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