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Strap or Bracelet Women Watches

Strap or Bracelet? What to Consider When Buying a Women’s Watch

Watch straps fall into one of two categories: bracelets (any metal watch strap) or straps (any non-metal watch strap, like nylon or leather watch straps). Generally, bracelets give a watch a more upscale look, while straps give a watch a more casual look (with the exception of leather bands, which can look either casual or dressy, depending on the overall design of the watch). As with many other elements of a watch, your choice between a strap or bracelet watch should depend on what you want from the watch in terms of style and function. When selecting a strap or bracelet, consider its style and how it would work with your lifestyle. 

However, it may be a good idea when choosing a women’s watch to choose one that has an interchangeable watch band. This means that the watch has a watchcase that can fit with different types of bands for different occasions. For example, a leather band can give the watch a more casual, daily wear look, whilst a metal band can make the same watch appear dressier and more ‘elegant’. This provides a woman with versatility and more choices – and what lady doesn’t love to have more choices in life?!

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