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As women’s watches are made in various styles, don’t be afraid to embrace bold designs.

But, your evening dress may require a glamorous wristwatch to complete your overall look. For that, you would want to replace your everyday watch with something that adds more bling to your dress. A diamond-studded wrist can turn your evening gown to be the highlight of the party.

If you are wearing a casual evening dress, you can sport a brown or black leather-strap wristwatch.

If you are looking for a formal, classy, and durable wristwatch, go for stainless steel designs. Without a doubt, stainless steel is one of the most popular materials used to design contemporary dress watches for women. Thanks to the versatility and durability of stainless steel, you get a dress watch for life. Explore a wide range of colors such as silver, gold, rose gold, and yellow gold to find the best match for your dress. You can also choose a combination of a mixed-meal look.

Stainless steel link bracelets are great for all formal and casual events. Various designs combine metal buckles and faces with leather straps for a traditional look. However, you can discover some beautiful and non-traditional colors for adding a contemporary twist to this classic style.

Luxury wristwatches are also offered in 10, 14, and 18 karat gold. Real gold watches are expensive but are a must-have addition to your watch collection to accessorize your evening dress. Some women prefer choosing cheaper options such as base metal which is more affordable than stainless steel. Base metal wristwatches are relatively less expensive, but they sport the same finish options as steel.

Silicone and rubber are relatively new materials that are used for manufacturing watches. Generally, these materials are combined with stainless steel to create a beautiful looking watch for your evening dress. You can choose an appropriate design and embellishment, according to your dress.

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