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Over the years, men’s timepieces have dominated the industry. Plain and subtle designs with intense colors isolate a man’s watch from that of a woman’s. But as the style has evolved over the decades, the conventional lady’s wristwatch has now turned into a style statement and a piece of art.

From casual to luxury watches, you can easily find a great looking watch ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Classic Style

Women who prefer a timepiece with a conventional look opt for leather-strap analog watches and metal-link bands. There is a massive variety of watches readily available in traditional colors such as silver, gold, and rose-gold. Different brands manufacture watches out of mixed materials with different metal tones to complement just about any jewelry accessories and dresses.

Bangle Bands

If you want to create a high-fashion statement, adding a few bangle bands to your watch collection will give you plenty of choices. Don’t worry about their quality as most bands are made out of premium and durable materials. You can choose the style according to your outfit or the size of your wrist as bangle band watches offer a loose or snug-fitting.

Dress Watches

Dress watches look great on your wrist and are designed to be noticed. You can find beautiful luxury or contemporary dress watches that are etched, sculpted, or have unique metal components to add more glam to your dress.

Supple Leather

Another great way to wear a watch is to choose a supple leather watch that offers a flexible and soft fit. Some leather wristwatches feature glossy finishes and distinctive patterns to add more style to this conventional look.


Using different embellishments gives a classy and luxurious feel to your watch. You can choose wrist-watches that feature rhinestones, crystals, and gemstones to add spark to your wrist and your personality.

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